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Our Mega series washing machine trolleys are made with heavy gauge 8 stages treated heavy gauge metal which doesn't only provides it the more durability when compared to ordinary stands but also enables it with the much-needed strength and sturdiness to carry and move with 210KG of weight easily.

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The LSRP'S Universal Fit Mega Series washing machine stand and trolleys are fixed in size.

The fixed size offers it more sturdiness and silence while operating with heavy front load and top load washing machines.

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All of our washing machine stand range is coated with a premium powder that is custom made.

We use custom-made high-quality powder and coat our stands completely in-house.

The powder coating helps stand to remain protected from rusting for a longer period of time when compared to ordinary painted stands.

Our Proload Series Washing Machine Trolley comes with our unique anti-skid optimally soft rubber jacks which sometimes also known and referred as rubber break and stopper.

In Proload Series, our jacks are 25%  larger than ordinary plastic like rubber jacks, hence it capture and hold more surface area and thus absorbs vibrations caused by front load and top load washing machines during spinning and drying operations.

Now with our largest jacks there will be NO VIBRATION ISSUES and NO DISPLACEMENT ISSUES in case of slippery tiles surfaces.

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Features in Details

LSRP'S Universal Fit Mightiest Series washing machine stand with wheels is India's most heavy duty and heavy weight stand specially made for heavy weight appliances. It is also a universally suitable 100% heavy gauge metal made adjustable stand for washing machine top load and front load, single door and double door fridge from 170 litres to 437 litres, 12 place to 16 place dishwasher, air & water cooler and washer and dryer. Although, this is a multipurpose trolley which can be used with all types of appliances with rectangular base but it is mainly known as washing machine trolley. Choosing a right quality stand is really a tough job because when you search for washing machine stand near me a lot of ordinary options pops up many are sold on and as well but which one is best washing machine stand is really not possible to find out. LSRP'S Universal Fit has been a leading brand in appliance accessories right since its inception in 2006 and our customers really loves our innovative products and that's the reason we are India's top rated washing machine accessories / appliances spare parts brand. Heavyweight+ series washing machine trolley is also considered as the option when it comes to heavy weight front load washing machine stand as it is made with heavy metal that can easily move and carry with weight up to 180kg. Washing machine stand price is also one of the key aspect to taken into consideration because for light weight appliances like semi & fully automatic top load washing machine or single door refrigerator one doesn't need to pay much or look for a very heavy stand which is going to cost higher than the stands lighter in weight. For example, if you are looking for a top load washing machine stand then you can go for our Messo series, Proheavy series & Heavyweight series stands as it would cost from 1299 to 1399 whereas the heavy weight stands like Mightiest series, Mightiest Primes series or our Jindal stainless steel washing machine stand series such as the Toughest+ series & Toughest series would cost 1599 to 2499. LSRP'S Universal Fit washing machine stand or Fridge stand is considered to be the best when compared to that of light weight ifb washing machine stand , bosch washing machine stand, lg washing machine stand, whirlpool washing machine stand and Samsung washing machine stand.

LSRP'S Universal Fit Proload Series (23.6 In x 23.6 In) | 24 inches x 24 inches - Top Load & Front Load Washing Machine Stand & Trolley Suitable For 6kg, 6.5kg, 7kg, 8kg, 9kg, 10kg Godrej, Haier, IFB, LG & Samsung Front Load Washing Machine Trolley Fixed Size / Top Load Washing Machine Trolley Non-Adjustable - White Color

  • 100% Preassembled Universal Fixed Size fully automatic Washing Machine Stand : It is suitable with select models of front load and top load washing machines, In front load machines this stand / trolley is compatible with Godrej 7kg, Haier 8kg & 10 kg, Samsung 7kg, 8kg, 9kg & IFB 6kg, 6.5kg, 8.5kg machine. In top load machines this stand is compatible with Bosch 7kg, Haier 7.5kg, 7.8kg & 8.2kg, Pana sonic 6.2kg, 6.5kg, 6.7kg, 7kg, 7.2kg & 7.5kg, Whirlpool : 7.5kg top load washing machine stand.

  • Square Metal Frame Heavy Duty Metal Stand With 210kg Load Carrying Capacity : Our Proload series stand / trolley is made with 100% heavy gauge mild steel / metal that makes it heavier in the segment along with improved load carrying capacity that is 210kg. Now you can easily move your heavy and large laundry capacity washing machines with our fixed size heavy duty washing machine trolley.

  • No More Vibration Issues With 25% Larger Vibration Absorbing Jacks : In all of our series we use our unique in-house manufactured vibration absorbing jack which has largest surface area that captures more area on the floor surface. Our jack is made with premium quality PVC granules that makes it optimally soft to hold the ground with more strength and to absorb more vibration than ordinary plastic like small jacks.

  • Premium Powder Coating & Unique “In-House Manufactured Double Ring Wheels” : The Proload series washing machine stand and fridge trolley is coated with top notch quality custom made black matte powder that repels water like magnet and hence offers better rust protection. The Proload series front load washing machine trolley also come with our unique double ring wheels with extra support fill, helps moving with 210kg weight easily.

  • 23.62 inches (Length) X 23.62 inches(Width) / 60CM (L) x 60CM (W) Fixed Size Stand For Top Load Washing Machine & Front Load Washing Machine : The Proload is made on fixed size square shape metal frame which has fixed size and can be used with select models and laundry capacity machines only. We request our customers to kindly refer to product description or product video for model wise and brand wise compatibility details.

Brand Wise & Machine Category Wise Compatibility Details

If you brand model is not mentioned below - we request you to consider measuring your appliances 
leg to leg size before placing the order.

Compatible Front Load Washing Machine Brand & Models

Compatibility details of fixed size stand for Bosch front load washing machine :

Brand name : Bosch

Compatible Model : WAJ2846IIN , WAJ2846DIN , WAJ2446IIN , WAJ2446DIN , WAJ2446HIN , WAJ2426VIN , WAJ2426EIN , WAJ2446SIN , WAJ2416SIN , WAJ2426TIN , WAJ24262IN , WAJ2416WIN , WAJ2426WIN , WAJ2006TIN , WAJ2006WIN , WAJ2006EIN , WAJ2426SIN , WAJ28262IN , WAJ2846SIN , WAJ2846WIN , WAJ2426GIN , WAJ24269IN , WAJ24261IN , WAJ24267IN , WAT286H9IN , WGA244ASIN , WGA244AWIN .


Compatibility details of fixed size stand for lloyd front load washing machine :

Brand name : Lloyd

Compatible Model : LWDF80DX1 .


Compatibility details of fixed size stand for Samsung front load washing machine :

Brand name : Samsung

Compatible Model : WW10N641RBX .


Compatibility details of fixed size stand for Whirlpool front load washing machine :

Brand name : Whirlpool

Compatible laundry weights : 7kg . 

Compatible Model : Fresh Care 7 Kg.

Compatible Top Load Washing Machine Brand & Models

Compatibility details of fixed size stand for Bosch top load washing machine :

Brand name : Bosch

Compatible Model : WOA106X2IN , WOA106S2IN , WOA106X1IN .


Compatibility details of fixed size stand for Haier top load washing machine :

Brand name : Haier

Compatible Model : HWM100-678NZP .


Compatibility details of fixed size stand for ifb top load washing machine :

Brand name : IFB

Compatible Model : TL – SDG , TL – RSSH , TL – RSS , TL – SDGH , TL – SGH , TL – SDS , TL – RGS , TL – SBRH .


Compatibility details of fixed size stand for lloyd top load washing machine :

Brand name : LLOYD

Compatible Model : LWMT05GX1 .


Compatibility details of fixed size stand for Whirlpool top load washing machine :

Brand name : Whirlpool

Compatible Model : 360° Bloomwash Pro Plus 10.5 Kg , 360° Bloomwash Pro 7.5 Kg , 360° Bloomwash Pro 7.5 Kg , 360° Bloomwash Pro 9.5 Kg , 360° Bloomwash Pro 9.5 Kg .

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