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Washing Machine Inlet Pipe & Tap Adapters

If you are looking for best quality inlet pipe for washing machine you have are at the right place . We offer complete range of fully & semi automatic washing machine inlet pipe . LSRP'S Universal Fit washing machine water inlet pipe are made with finest quality 3 layers braided PVC granules which makes them the optimally flexible pipe to withstand extreme cold and hot conditions, ideal for indian weather. When it comes to our washing machine inlet hose connector or washing machine inlet pipe connector and adapter, they complete manufactured in-house with custom made ABS plastic granules that empowers them with more strength and durability. LSRP'S Universal Fit Water Inflow Pipe are universal in suitability, can be used with any brands fully automatic washing machines and as replacement for dishwasher inlet pipe. Our pipes are one of the most important part when it comes it washing machine accessories and washing machine spare parts. Our automatic washing pipe is considered to be the best replacement pipe for whirlpool washing machine inlet pipe , lg washing machine water inlet pipe, ifb washing machine inlet pipe / ifb washing machine pipe / ifb washing machine water inlet pipe  , Samsung washing machine lnlet pipe ,  Bosch washing machine inlet pipe  and all other brands such as panasonic, lloyd, videocon, haier, godrej, hisense, siemens, voltas beko  midea, bpl, aisen, mitashi, haier, amazonbasics, marq, croma, wonderchef , kelvinator  & koryo etc. Washing machine inlet pipe price varies basis the length of pipe we choose, as to the price for washing machine inlet pipe 2 meter will be different from washing machine inlet pipe 3 meter and longer lengths like 4 meter and 5 meter lengths of washing machine pipe inlet. When it comes to tap adapter or tap connector, we are our customer's favourite brand there too. We offer the best quality washing machine water inlet pipe connector which is also known as universal tap for washing machine inlet / water inflow pipe. This connector connects the washing machine pipe with the water tap that feed the washing machine with the tap water and works as the washing machine connector hose pipe. LSRP'S Universal Fit tap adapter are fully compatible and suitable for all brands fully automatic washing machines to connect their inlet pipe with the water tap, these adapters are also known as automatic washing machine tap connector or automatic washing machine pipe connector. Our tap connector is considered to be the best replacement option when it comes to replace your old and existing tap for washing machine of whirlpool washing machine pipe connector, ifb washing machine pipe connector, whirlpool fully automatic washing machine water inlet pipe, lg washing machine inlet pipe connector, whirlpool washing machine inlet pipe connector. There are two types of adapters available in market or ever introduced by any brand with their brand new washing machines, thread type and non-thread type tap adapters. The one we offer is non-thread type tap connector, you are requested to to kindly match with your existing tap adapter or connector before placing the order.

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