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1. Installation Instructions For Washing Machine Inlet Pipe & Tap Adapter.

2. Installation Instructions For Washing Machine Stand

1. How to Install Washing Machine Inlet Pipe Or Tap Adapter

Given below video instructions on how to install a washing machine inlet pipe or a washing machine tap adapter. The users who tries to install it for the first time mostly ends up either damaging the product or damaging the appliances, thus LSRP's Universal Fit decided to finally come out with video instructions on how easily a "novice" user can easily install washing machine inlet pipe and tap adapters.

Washing Machine inlet pipe can be installed using a tap adapter or using a tap connector, both the tap adapter and the connector can never be used together. The tap adapter is designed to be used with standard-sized tap faucets and the tap connectors are designed to be used with oversized tap faucets.

If you are installing the inlet pipe/tap faucet for the first time then please watch the video completely and then begin the installation.

2. How To Install Washing Machine Stand For Top Load & Front Load Washing Machines.

Given below is video instructions on how to install a washing machine stand or trolley. In the video, we have shown all the steps that begin with measuring washing machine's legs size in terms how wide they are, in order to know that how long the stand's or the trolley's arms will have to be extended to make room for the washing machine to fit in.

To measure how far the washing machine's legs are we need to measure them from the front side of the washing machine to understand that one side's measurement, to know the second side measurement of washing machine's legs we need to measure them from either the right side or the left side of the washing machine.

Once we have the measurement of the washing machine's legs then we need measure the stand's default size. Then post comparing both the measurements one of washing machine legs and the second of stand's arms, we need adjust stand's size with help of size adjustable knobs given on all 4 sides of the stand.

Once we have attained the desired size on stand, we need to put the washing machine on the stand and at the last step we need to check with if the machine is stable on the stand, if it is not then we will have to lift the washing machine from the respective side which is causing the stability issue, post lifting the machine we will have to rotate the leg anti-clock wise to adjust it's height as required. 

Now check again if the machine is stable on the stand then we are good to go!

Please note the stand will be installed on jacks when we are using the machine and the jacks have to uninstalled (move them up by rotating anti-clockwise) so that stand's wheels comes down to enable the machine move easily.

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