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Washing Machine Pulsators & Pulsator Rollers

Amongst all the washing machine parts & accessories and washing machine spare parts, pulsator washing machine is one of the major component that plays a vital role in a machine's washing quality. A good quality washing machine pulsator not only offers more durability but also it offers better performance along with improved washing quality. LSRP"S Universal Fit washing machine pulsator and rollers are made from the finest quality custom-made ABS plastic granules and are as good as it comes from OEMs (the original equipment manufacturers). Our range of pulsators covers washing machine pulsator that are fully compatible with and can be used as replacement for your old and existing lg , Samsung and godrej washing machine pulsator . The washing machine pulsator price starts from 699 and goes up to 899 depending upon the laundry capacity of machine and brand that you are looking the pulsator or pulsator roller for. When it comes to the pulsator rollers, we have the range of roller sets that is compatible with lg washing machine pulsator and Samsung washing machine pulsator. LSRP'S Universal Fit washing machine rollers are used as the best replacement options for original lg washing machine roller set of 3 pieces and Samsung washing machine roller set of 2 pieces. 

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