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Semi Automatic Washing Machine Spin Cap / Safety Cover / Spinner Plastic Lid

Washing machine spin caps that are also known as semi automatic washing machine spinner safety lid or washing machine safety cover or washing machine plastic plate is one of the most important washing machine accessories and spare parts as it helps the spinner to hold the laundry during spinning and to squiz it till the maximum possible extent for better drying operation. Thus, it becomes imperative that the washing machine spin cap should made from high quality PVC granules and it has to finely thick and flexible so that it can withstand temperature differences as per indian weather conditions. The ordinary spin cap washing machine gets cracked during intense cold weather most typically in northern part of India. 
To address aforementioned issues, LSRP'S Universal Fit the India's leading and top rated washing machine spares and accessories brand brings you it's 100% in house manufactured (Made in India) complete range of safety cover for washing machine which is also known as washing machine dryer safety cover. Our semi automatic washing machine spin cap is made from high-quality custom-made plastic granules that makes it optimally flexible and thick that provides it with much improved durability and strength. Our washing machine spin cap price starts from Rs. 179 with a pack of 1 spin cap and goes up to Rs. 299 for a pack of 3 spin caps. These spin caps are universal in suitability and can be used with any brand's washing machine provide it matches the diameter of your old and existing dryer cap of washing machine such as it is the best replacement if you are looking for lg washing machine spin cap or Samsung washing machine spin cap or any other brand such as godrej, haier, voltas beko, koryo, Panasonic, whirlpool, videocon etc. Please match the diameter of spin cap before placing the order, generally for 6kg to 7kg washing machine a 24.5 cm or 9.6 inches diameter spin cap fits well similarly for 7.5kg to 8kg 26cm / 26.4cm or 10.3 inches  washing machine plastic spin cap works well and for 9kg, 10 kg and above washing machine 31.5cm or 12.5 inches spin cap fits well.

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