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LSRP'S Universal Fit Washing Machine Cleaner Tablet Descaler For Washing Machine Front Load Top Loaded Drum Descale Cleaning Dishwasher Tub Descaling Replacement For Washing Machine Liquid & Powder - 6 pcs Tablets


  • Universal Washing Machine Descaler Tablets, suitable for Semi-Fully Automatic Top & Front Loading Washing Machines, Dishwashers, Washer & Dryers, Coffee Makers & Electric Kettles. These tablets are the ideal replacement for ordinary washing machine cleaning powder and washing machine liquid, as their efficacy and cleaning performance outperforms them. Keep your appliances in top-notch condition with our advanced formula made washing machine deep cleaner solution.


  • 6 Deep Cleaning Tablets - 18 Months Supply : Discover the perfect solution with our Front Load Washing Machine Cleaner . This powerful formula effectively cleans and descales, ensuring peak performance. Say goodbye to ordinary washing machine cleaning powder front load and welcome the deep cleaning of our Washing Machine Cleaner front load. Experience the difference with a sparkling clean washer every time. One cleaning cycle is enough for 3 months duration to keep the machine running well.


  • ULTRA-CONCENTRATED - One Tablet = Many of Ordinary Ones : One for all powerful descaler for washing machine top load and front loading is made with advance formula - the ultra-concentrated washing machine tablets for cleaning goes deeper with dirt, scaling, viruses and bad smell and removes them more efficiently which doesn't happen with many of cheap and ordinary washing machine tablets. One our deep cleaning tablet is enough for one time cleaning, not required to put 2 or 3 like the ordinary.


  • This washing machine tub cleaner tablet works equally well for all types of appliances that needs descaling or scale removing deep cleaning and that's what makes it the perfect option if you are looking for powerful deep cleaning drum cleaner for front load washing machine or drum cleaner for top load washing machine our washing machine cleaning tablets will give delighting results in terms of cleaning the scaling, bad smell, virus and bacteria and even removing drain blockage.


  • These powerful tablets clean every part of your washer, including the drum basket, pump, filter, and water tank, leaving it smelling fresh and thus works as a replacement for Bosch Descaler for front load washing machines and top load washing machine cleaner tablets. Advanced Washing Machine Drum Cleaner removes heavy grime and scale build-up instantly. Easy to use, just fill the tank with water, add the tablet, run a clean washer or hot water cycle, and wipe the tub with a cloth and that's it.


  • New & Advanced Deep Cleaning Formula - Lab Tested : Our washing machine cleaner tablet is made with all new and effective deep cleaning and laboratory tested formula that makes our washing machine tub cleaner tablet the most effective deep cleaning solution that effectively removes the limescale, grime, bad odour and viruses & bacteria from your appliances that makes it better option. Being the perfect descaler for washing machine front load & top loaded tub it offers best cleaning results.


  • For 100% New LIke - Scale & Bacteria Free Washer Drums / Tubs : These Washing Machine Tablets, also known as the antibacterial washing machine cleaner, with help of our new and advanced deep cleaning formula lab tested, it goes head on with all types of dirt, dust, virus, bacteria, limescale, grime and bad smell present in the washing machine drums and dishwasher tubs and remove them from the base. The cleaning with washing machine detergent & surf is not going to excel in effective cleaning.


  • Follow usage instructions for best results.

100% Deep Clean - Washing Machine Cleaning Tablet - 6 Pcs

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