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LSRP's Universal Fit Knob Set Replacement for / Compatible with LG Semi Automatic Washing Machine Knob (4 Pcs ) / Drain Nob / Drain Switch Nob / Wash Timer Knob Set of 4 / LG Washing Machine Spare Parts / LG Washing Machine Accessories


  • Please Match & Buy (Knob Diameter – 5CM / Inner Switch Diameter 0.5 CM)- Set of Premium Quality Knob suitable for LG semi automatic washing machine. Also known as wash timer knob, drain switch knob, drain knob, timer knob replacement for LG machine or drain switch nob compatible with LG machine or LG spare parts and LG washing machine accessories. Please match it with your previous set of knobs before placing the order.
  • Ultra Durable Knobs - Made With Ultra Premium ABS Plastic That Improves The Knob's Longevity, Strength & Overall Life Span.
  • Prefect Grip - Made With Ultra-Precision Technique That Ensures Our Knobs Have Perfect Grip Over The Knob Head Installed In Washing Machine's Control Panel.
  • Premium Touch - Being Made With Ultra Premium ABS & Ultra Precision Technique, Our Knobs Have The Much Needed Premium Touch & Finish That Makes It Look As Compelling As The Older Ones, Post Installation.
  • Easy To Install | 5 CM Diameter / Inner Switch Diameter 0.5 CM | Please Match With Your Previous Knobs Before Placing The Order


LSRP's Universal Fit Pack of 4 - lg knob / timer knobs for lg semi automatic washing machine knob - 4 pieces set - white & chrome Appliance Knob


The ultra premium range of knobs for LG semi-automatic washing machines / LG washing machine timer knobs. These knobs also known as LG wash timer knob / LG washing machine timer knob / LG washing machine drain switch knob. The knobs which are made with ultra-premium quality of ABS plastic using the ultra-precision technique. The ABS plastic ensures the knobs have improved strength and longevity and that improves the overall life span of the knobs. Whereas, the ultra-precision technique ensures that the knobs have prefect grip over the knob heads assembled on the washing machine control panel. Our knobs have the much needed premium touch and finish which makes it look as compelling as the older knobs which comes with the machine.


Knob Set Replacement for / Compatible with LG Washing Machine Knob Drain Switchc

₹399.00 Regular Price
₹199.00Sale Price
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  • Cash on Delivery Available

  • 100% Genuine Product

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