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LSRP’S Universal Fit Deep Cleaning / Descaler Powder Suitable For LG, Samsung, IFB, Bosch, Whirlpool & All Other Brand’s Fully Automatic Top Load & Front Load Washing Machine Tub / Drum – 450 Grams


  • Universal Usability – Washing machine cleaner / cleaning powder suitable for all brand’s fully automatic top load and front load washing machine’s drum/tub, washer & dryers, dishwashers and coffee makers such as LG, Samsung, Whirlpool, ifb, Bosch, Lloyd, Godrej, Voltas Beko & All other brands. The descaling powder is also known as stain remover or scale remover powder for top load washing machine and front load washing machines.
  • Pack of 3 (150 grams each) 450 gram of washing machine descaling powder that removes lime scale settled at the bottom of washing machine drum or tub or washer tub caused by hard water. Removes Bacteria, other micro organisms, grime and odor or bad smell.
  • For Bacteria Free & Fully Hygienic Machine And Appliance – Use our advanced deep cleaning washing machine cleaning powder or descaler powder. This powder can be used with your fully automatic washing machine to clean the drum be it a top loading machine or a front loading machine. This scale remover or dirt remover powder works evenly with dishwashers, coffee makers, dryers & washers, only dryers, electric kettle, steam iron & shower heads too.
  • For Improved Washing Quality & Better Drainage / Waste Water Outlet - Use this descaling powder that doesn’t only helps the detergents to improve its effectiveness for better wash quality but also helps to clean the drainage if the machine is descaled once in every 3 months.
  • Follow Usage Instructions Mentioned On The Box For Better Results.


Universal Washing Machine Cleaning Powder / Washing Machine Descaler / washing machine drum cleaning powder : this advanced deep cleaning powder can be used with all brands fully automatic top load washing machine & front load washing machine , dishwasher, shower head, electric kettle, coffee machine and all those appliances which have limescale deposited on their drum or tub. This descaling powder for washing machine removes limescale, dust, dirt and micro-organisms like bacteria and viruses. If you are looking for deep cleaning descale powder, it's the one. Pack of 3 Sachets (150gm each) : This advanced deep cleaning washing machine tub cleaner comes in pack of 3 and each pack weighs 150 gram in weight. Our advanced formula makes it the most effective descaling powder for washing machine and dishwasher. It is considered to be the best replacement for lg scalego descaling powder / lg descaling powder / lg washing machine tub cleaning powder / lg washing machine cleaning powder or atomic washing machine cleaner powder or whirlpool scalegon descale powder or bosch descaler and eco tub cleaner for Samsung washing machine powder or ifb washing machine cleaning powder / ifb descale powder. Suitable for All Brands : This drum cleaner for front load washing machine / tub cleaner for washing machine works well with all brands appliances which needs cleaning such as Samsung, Lg, I F B, bosch, Voltas Beko, Midea, Hafele, Siemens, Haie r, Panasoni c, whirlpool, onida, godrej eon , koryo, croma, amazon basics, Toshiba, hindware, Faber, Hisense , galanz , kaff , wonderche f, elica etc Better Efficacy - Dissolve Faster Than Washing Machine Cleaner Tablet : Our deep cleaning descaling powder or limescale remover dissolves faster than a washing machine cleaning tablet. Because the powder's molecules gets more surface exposed to water it dissolves faster and offers improved and better cleaning inside your washing machine drum and tub. This washing machine descaler doesn't only clean the washing machine tub but it also removes drain blockage and improves machine's longevity. Advanced Deep Cleaning Descaler For Washing Machine Top Load / Front Load / Dishwasher - This washing machine drum cleaning powder offers the same efficacy whether used in soft water or hard water. FOR THE BEST RESULTS please follow the usage instructions mentioned on the box. We recommend to keep cleaning your appliances in every 3 months to ensure better performance and longevity.

Washing Machine Descaling Powder - Descaler / Deep Cleaning Powder

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